• Session Title: Data Guard Attack!!
    Session Number: 1580
    Speakers: Charles Kim, Oracle ACE Director and Nitin Vengurlekar, Oracle ACE Director
    Track: Database
    Session Type: Hands-on Lab
    Sub-Categorization: High Availability & Data Protection

    There is no reason why Data Guard setup, configuration, maintenance and monitoring cannot be setup As A Service. Automation is the crux of any rapid deployment and cloud models. Setting up Data Guard should be a service catalog for any DBaaS deployment.

    You will also learn the new Data Guard features available in Oracle Database 12.2

    Download the latest and greatest Data Guard automation toolkit from http://dbaexpert.com/dg/ prior to attending this session. We have incorporated industry best practices to the DG Toolkit. This session will disseminate fundamental Data Guard best practices and demonstrate how DBAs can automate setup, configuration, and monitoring of Data Guard environments with assistance from the Date Guard Toolkit (DG Toolkit).

    In this hand-on deep dive session, we will go through step by step details of setting up Data Guard with the automation toolkit:
    o Building the Physical Standby
    o Monitoring and Maintaining the Physical Standby
    o Configuring Data Guard Broker
    o Performing Backup and Recovery with RMAN
    o Setting Archive Retention
    o Performing Switchovers and Failovers

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Most importantly, learn how to build the physical standby with ease and automation using the DG Toolkit
    2. Learn how to monitor the physical standby database with DG Toolkit
    3. Learn how to monitor the physical standby database with DG Toolkit

    Outline / Content Structure:
    Perform preliminary check prior to starting the Data Guard Build
    1. Perform assessments on the source database
    2. Perform assessments on the physical standby

    Perform detailed steps to build the physical standby database
    1. Look at building the physical standby with easy menu steps
    2. Look at duplicating the physical standby database

    Configure the Data Guard Broker

    Perform monitoring of the Data Guard Environment
    1. Monitor the physical standby for performance
    2. See how far behind we are

    Perform RMAN to disk configuration options

    Posted by Charles Kim @ 9:41 pm

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