• Session Title: Cloud Attack !!
    Session Number: 1588
    Session Type: Pre-Conference Workshop

    A boot camp design by Oracle User Community Technology Experts for Oracle Technology Professionals to experience uses of the Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Technology on-premise to accomplish work critical for their businesses and careers.

    Attendees in this session will enhance their skills and job relevancy by gaining new knowledge and skills using the Oracle Public Cloud within their job role through actual use cases and hands on lab work.

    Speakers will detail how backup to the cloud can be used to meet different needs of their organization and how to justify use of new technology within their business. Learn how to create a storage container, setup OS secure authentication and configure RMAN to use the Oracle Cloud. Perform a backup to the Oracle Cloud and recover from it back to your on-premise server. Learn how to migrate from an on-premise Oracle Database 11g to a pluggable Oracle Database 12c (PDB) in the Oracle Cloud. Then move a PDB in which Developers have completed their work in the Oracle Cloud back on-premise and into production.

    Learning Objective #1:

    Learn the best practices to create an on-premise private database cloud including a self-service catalog

    Learning Objective #2:

    Attendees will learn how to migrate databases to OPC with technologies like RMAN, Data Pump, Pluggable Database (PDB), Snapshot clones, and Data replication technologies like GoldenGate and help you understand which way is the best solution for you

    Learning Objective #3:
    Learn how to migrate from an on-premise Oracle Database 11g to a pluggable Oracle Database 12c (PDB) in the Oracle Cloud.

    Outline / Content Structure:
    A. SIG leaders will speak on the following topics:
    1. Private Database Cloud – what you need to implement Private Database Cloud
    2. Considerations to adopt Hybrid Cloud
    3. Oracle Public Cloud – Evolution of OPC
    4. Use cases for OPC

    B. Perform hands-on lab to Learn ins and out to Backup as a Service
    1. Create storage containers in OPC
    2. Setup your OS to setup secure authentication to OPC
    3. Setup RMAN configuration for OPC
    4. Backup your database to the cloud and restore/recover the database to any server

    C. Perform hands-on labs to Rapidly Provision Databases in OPC
    1. Move databases from on-premise to OPC
    2. Learn how to plug and un-plug databases (PDB) into OPC

    D. Perform hands-on labs to secure access to the database in the cloud
    1. Learn security best practices in OPC

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