• The Oracle Cloud Experience Technology Hands-on-lab Workshop is sponsored by the Cloud Computing SIG of IOUG. Here’s what the high level agenda will look like for the Great Lakes Oracle Conference which will be held on May 17 and 18 at Cleveland, Ohio. Every attendee will be given a Kindle version of the Oracle Cloud Pocket Solutions Guide:


    The Cloud Experience Technology Hands-on-lab Workshop will start with creating a database in Oracle Cloud. We will also focus on backing up an on-premise database to the cloud and various solutions that’s available from Oracle to backup both Oracle databases and non-Oracle databases. We will discuss complete solution options that you can implement as you make your journey to Oracle Cloud.

    We will also discuss real-life solutions addressing security concerns, opening ports, creating database links/communicating with databases in Oracle Cloud, and innovations that Oracle has made to Oracle Cloud in the past 2 years.

    Here’s a high level agenda of the Oracle Cloud Experience HOL Workshop for the Great Lakes Oracle Conference on May 17 and 18:

    01:00 – 01:30 – Introduction to Oracle Cloud and Security
    01:30 – 01:45 – Login to on-premise accounts and cloud accounts

    01:45 – 02:15 – Database Cloud Lecture
    02:15 – 03:00 – Hands on Workshop

    03:00 – 03:30 – Oracle Storage Cloud and Database Backup Cloud Lecture
    03:30 – 04:00 – Hands on Lab Workshop

    Normally, this is an all day lecture and hands-on-lab workshop. We have created a special condensed version for the Great Lakes Oracle Conference.

    The Oracle Cloud Solution Guide addresses Oracle Cloud fundamentals, Storage Cloud, Database Cloud, and Oracle Database Backup Cloud, as a quick go-to reference guide, as seen by industry experts. Here’s the outline of the book:
    Introduction to Oracle Cloud
    Review Oracle Cloud Fundamentals
    – Logging into the OPC (for the first time)
    – Discuss how to sign up for a free trial account

    Storage Cloud
    Oracle Storage Cloud Service Fundamentals
    Object Storage
    Archive Storage
    What is a Container
    Defining the Replication Policy
    Setting the Replication Policy

    Demonstrate Cloud SIG’s curl API in action
    What is curl
    Obtaining the Authorization token
    Creating a Container with curl
    Creating an Archive Container with Curl
    Uploading a file with curl
    Listing the Contents of a Container
    Deleting a File in a Container
    How much space have I consumed so far?
    Upload CLI Jar
    Uploading a File Using the uploadcli.jar File

    Oracle Database Cloud
    Provisioning a Database
    * Generating SSH Keys
    SSH’ing to the Database Server as oracle
    SSH’ing to the Database Server as ops and root
    Opening/enabling Port 1521
    Creating a Database Link Between Private Database and Public Database Cloud
    Creating a Secure Tunnel with ssh
    Adding Database Storage to DBaaS

    Oracle Database Backup Cloud
    Show students how and where to download the Database Cloud Backup Module
    Installing the Database Cloud Backup Module
    Configuring RMAN for Backups
    Backing up the Database to OPC
    Discuss how and what is needed to perform backups for Oracle Standard Edition databases
    Best Practices for Backing Up to OPC
    Demonstrate how to restore and recover a database from the RMAN Database Cloud Backup

    Review of Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance
    Logging into the OSCSA
    Best Practices with OSCSA
    Where to find additional documentation
    Quick Demo of Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance

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